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Quality in every view

1. Do not pay for impressions below the screen

Your advertisement on Easyhunt is always visible on the screen. As a customer, you know that each screen view is seen by a physical user which guarantees that your brand and trademark is strengthened.

The advertisement competes only with two others on at any given time

Easyhunt = In-screen
Almost all other websites = advertisements off the screen.

2. Banners compared with Google AdWords

Anyone who compares advertising on Easyhunt with advertising on other sites using Google AdWords should have the following in mind:

An image containing a real banner photo, logo, etc. is brand building. The brain remembers a picture and a logo much better than plain text. With a graphic banner a profile can be created so that viewers perceive your company the way you want them to.

Bonnier Magazines conducted a survey in which the e-bookstore AdLibris ran advertising campaigns on and By tracking the browsers with cookies it could be seen that 26% of people (or rather browsers) that saw the campaign also visited AdLibris during the campaign period. 4% of these had clicked on the banner. Bonnier Magazine concluded that the deciding factor was that a banner had been viewed, not the actual click.