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About Easyhunt

Easyhunt is a service where a hunting team can create their own webpage in 10 minutes. The webpage has ready to use functions such as hunting calendars, pages for game reporting, photo albums, forums, etc. On the webpage you can create a map of your hunting grounds showing boundaries, stands, where each game is felled, etc. This custom map and the location of each individual member of the hunting team and the hunting dogs can also be viewed in the Easyhunt App . The service is available in nine languages.

Some of our advertisers:

"We prefer to expose our brands on a "clean" and attractive website like Easyhunt where we can dominate the page instead of disappearing amongst a clutter of flashing, animated banners."
- Patric Roman, SAKO Sweden

"We are on the whole very pleased with the campaign and were delighted to see how responsive and involved Easyhunt's users are"
-Filip Karlander, MD