New Easyhunt:

Superfast hunting maps

Superfast hunting maps

Property Boundary map included!

Property Boundary map included!

Easy-build hunting
ground map

Easy-build hunting
ground map

New mobile friendly
Homepage for the hunting team

Mobile friendly Homepage

3 months trial subscription.


Subscription from month 4 for the whole hunting team

€62 / Year*

Rates for members and guests


*) Sample rate for a 11-15 member hunting team

Dog tracker €148

Hunting map and App

Map of your hunting ground in print or as a smartphone App showing where the hunters are in real time

Hunting team

Create a homepage for your hunting team in just 10 minutes.

Hunting map and App

  • Create a hunting map online
  • View the location of the hunters and the dogs in real time on your smartphone. And you can print out the map, or buy it printed on PVC Canvas.

eTrack - The world's smallest dog tracker

  • Shows the dog’s position in real time to every member of your hunting team who is using the Easyhunt App
  • Unlimited range
  • Fits onto a Garmin collar
  • Only 38 grams + collar
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Organize your hunts and your hunting team

Easyhunt for hunting teams is full of features to help plan, execute and follow up your hunts.

  • The Hunting team's calendar

  • Map of the hunting ground

  • Free user support

  • Photos

  • Communication during the hunt

  • Mail

  • Game camera

  • SMS invitations

  • Hunt reports

  • Statistics

  • Forum

Find a Hunt

  • Do you want to hunt more? Find hunts here
  • Find vacancies in hunting teams
  • Find the hunting teams located nearest to you in the map
  • Find opportunities to exchange or buy hunts and find tracker dogs with handlers to track wounded game
  • There are currently 315 options advertised